Big Blessings Come in Small Packages – by Sweet Eyes

What is on your Christmas list this year?  A new phone?  A new jacket or purse? For guys, perhaps a new gun or a fancy fishing rod?  Those things are nice; however, I’d like to share a little story about how small packages often bring the biggest blessings.

Pre covid, I lost the last of three fur babies, Frankie, whom I was blessed to take care of for eighteen years. Since then, I’ve struggled with the thought of adopting a kitty that needed a home, but since I travel a lot more these days, I worried that traveling with a new fur baby would be extremely difficult.

The loss of my last fur family member, some major life changes, and all the stress from covid made life lose a little spark.  Anyone that has family animals know what I mean.  In early 2021, I started praying about getting a new kitten and considering how to bring a new pet into my new life.  Then one day just ten days ago, the Lord answered my prayers.

While at a gym tournament in Panama City beach, we saw a young girl carrying a very small black and white kitten.  The kitten looked shocked.  Well, come to find out, the cat was seen falling off a roof!  We gasped at the story we heard, but we were very happy that it seemed as thought the cat would now have a home. 

We were wrong!  The young girl’s parents didn’t let her keep the kitten and left it outside!  Did I mention the cat feel off a roof?  The four-week-old had a sprained paw and was left to fend for himself.  When we heard this, we immediately went to rescue him!  Within 60 seconds of driving, by a large field, we heard the pitiful mew coming from our kitten that was dumped and left to die. 

We now have a new baby kitten for Christmas!  In just a short week, Buddy, has become a part of the family, even taking trips with us to see family and friends.   We are so excited to love him and take care of him for many years to come.  The joy of having a new “Buddy” in our lives is absolutely the best gift my family and I could ever have! 

Three lessons to note from this story:  1) prayer works, 2) staying patient and waiting for God’s perfect timing is the best way to approach all things in life, and 3) the best gifts are the ones that allow you to show and receive love and bring your family together.  

Wishing everyone a very Merry CHRISTmas and a wonderful New Year.  May the gifts you give and receive bring you love, joy, health and happiness!


Sweet Eyes