Jammin’ with Goosie – March 2022


     It had been a very pleasant day. The type of weather that many October days bring to our area. As the temperature began to slightly fall and a beautiful sunset was on the horizon, my better part and myself made the decision to turn on the outside T.V. and watch the tiger football game of the week.     I was about on my third one when I began to notice an enormous amount of sirens sounding off on our local roadways in response to what must be a very serious situation. After a very long session of that activity, you could sense that this wasn’t normal protocol. When my curiosity of what was going on finally got to me, I asked my wife to take a look at her device to see if any of this event was being mentioned. Shortly afterwards she replied, “There’s a manhunt in progress for an individual that stole a vehicle and shot four people killing two. One was a woman and the other appears to be a state trooper.” All of a sudden that beautiful evening didn’t seem  so beautiful anymore.

The Tigers’ outlook from the start and for the remainder of the game didn’t look very promising either and now there is possibly a murderer in our neighborhood. About halfway through my next cold one, after thinking the situation over, I then told my wife that we probably need to turn all that stuff off and go inside. Shortly after locking all the doors and while enjoying the comfort of my lounge chair, I was startled by noise that seemed to come from the kitchen area. I asked my partner.” What was that?” She replied.” I don’t know.”  I didn’t like that answer. At that moment , I made the decision to fetch my personal protection revolver. When I slipped that thing into my pants pocket that evening, a very warm feeling of security was afforded to me. I now, didn,t fear the situation anymore. WOW. While toting, I investigated the kitchen noise. The sound that we had heard from that area of the house had been created by the refrigerator’s automatic ice maker. From that point on, I felt safe and secure and would at least have a fighting chance, should the trouble maker appear in our neighborhood. Thankfully the criminal was apprehended by the police before any other crimes occured.

      I am a hunter and very proud of it. I own several firearms. Most of my arms are for hunting. I use different types of rifles and shotguns for different types of game that I pursue.I truly love guns that look pretty, feel good, function properly and shoot straight. I do own a couple of handguns for personal protection, but by far, my favorite arms are the ones that I use for target shooting and hunting. In my case, you could make the argument that my  main reason for firearm ownership is primarily for hunting. But believe me. It’s a great feeling to have a personal protection weapon available if you ever so happen to need it.

      There are people in our society and all political arenas that would like to take away our right to bear arms. Some even want to take away the police and let the government protect us. Those policemen and women give their heart and soul in trying to protect us. As hard as they try, they can’t be everywhere all of the time and when it comes down to it, you may someday be in a predicament of having to protect yourself and or family. You can bet for sure that those who want to do away with our  second amendment rights will have the laws arranged to where they will be able to own, or by some other means, have firearm protection if so needed. No. I did not have to fire my gun that night and I sure pray to God that I never have to fire it in the manner of self defense, but for that moment on that particular October night, I sure did enjoy its company. It made me feel safe and secure and everyone should be afforded the right to feel that way.

Till next timeBless the victims and their familiesJames “Goosie” Guice