Super Bowl Rib-Off with Bully

What was once known as ‘The Super Bowl Rib-Off’ was held every Super Bowl Sunday. In reality a group of my nephews conjured up the idea to combine a party with a contest to settle bragging rights of who can cook the best ribs.
  The event turned out to be so much fun it became the event of the year for these guys and the bragging rights for victory still ring loud today.
  After many years the event started to waiver as these boys grew and got older and family responsibilities hampered organization, Ascension Magazine stepped in to help organize and keep this family
fun event on track.
  This year we entered our 16th year as an annual local marque’ cooking event and it is getting more competitive than ever. The Ascension Magazine Super Bowl Rib-Off has grown bigger and better than ever.
  This years event was a little bitter sweet. Our family lost my nephew Justin. He had stopped cooking a few years back but this year we had a cooking team cook on his
behalf. Justin’s dad Larry and son Kalep cooked in his memory. It was 10 year old Kalep’s first attempt at cooking in a contest and was distracted a bit by friends but PawPaw Larry held the course and kept the pit hot.
  I’ve noticed a trend in the winners of the cook-off. Three years ago Taner brought his pit and cooked ribs for the very first time and won the event. Last year first time entering cook Matt won and now this
year a first time entry of Josh won. There is also another trend I’m noticing. There were 3 cooks this year that work with World Class BBQ Master Adam Gautreau, Matt, Koby and Josh. As I walked around
I noticed all 3 of these guys following the exact same procedure for putting their ribs in foil. A unique combination of a bed of brown sugar with pats of butter and honey. I hope this isn’t a secret because I’ve
exposed it now. Two of the three ended up 1st & 3rd.
  We had another first this year. Chef Denise cooked for the very first time. The unique fact about her cooking style was she brought her husband as her Sous Chef. She found a nice spot in the shade and her husband took care of the fire the flipping and she told him when they were done. She didn’t win this year but she had the best time and said he’ll do better next year.
  As I looked around we had a combination of the old school cooks and the new school cooks. Former champions Lebo got back into the fold this year and cooked on a throw
together pit with holes pluged with foil and cooked the way is Granny would with knowledge and love. Big Luke showcasing his multiple victory trophies and a 3 legged pit that has seen better days. Luke is
looking good but his pit cook use a face lift. Then there is Shake. Shake had multiple trophies on display under his tent with all his peeps. Shake descends from the Porky’s BBQ on Airline from years ago and even though he did not win the cooking contest he did win Mr. Congeniality. No one smiled as much as Shake.
  Ascension Magazine Super Bowl Rib-Off came off without a hitch. First time cook Josh came in 1st. Former Champion Taner came in 2nd and Koby came in 3rd.
  The best win of them all was Kalep who cook for his Dad. He won the trophy for the Best Ribs that didn’t make it to the finals. Congratulations Kalep and look forward to seeing you again next year.