Fried Pecans a Cajun Christmas Delicacy

Publisher’s Note:

I’ve been lucky enough to receive a bag of fried pecans from my buddy Bama for the past several years.

This year I received an invite to watch the process of this wonderful delicacy.

I didn’t learn a whole lot other than like many Cajun traditions it involves families and friends.

It turns out, back in the day, a father and grandfather decided to try frying some pecans with sugar and salt. There wasn’t a written recipe but a process.

Here’s how it’s done:
1. Boil the pecans.
2. Mix hot boiled pecans in ice chest with sugar.
3. Take sugar coated pecans and fry.
4. Put fried pecans on screens and add salt.
5. Spread pecans on screen to cool.
6. Bag the culinary gold up.

Sounds pretty simple. Well it took 20 friends and 12 hours to fry 300 plus lbs of pecans. Nothing simple about it other than fellowship of friends and family. Maybe a few beers and lots of stories with laughter.

Many thanks to my pecan people friends and Merry Christmas.

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