Five Must Do’s for Optimal Immune System Function

Please note this is not medical advice.  The habits and supplements suggested are simply what I’ve used and enjoy. What is immunity? First…. let us identify what the immune system is.  Well, our immune system is our God given network of processes organs and cells that ward off and protect us from disease and foreign […]

And The Greatest Of These Is Love by Sweet Eyes

As we approach the month of February, there’s so much focus on love and relationships, but what does it take for have successful relationship/marriage?  What are the keys to having a relationship that stands the test of time? Here are a few keys for a healthy relationship that I’ve learned throughout the years. Proper Prioritization […]

Big Blessings Come in Small Packages – by Sweet Eyes

What is on your Christmas list this year?  A new phone?  A new jacket or purse? For guys, perhaps a new gun or a fancy fishing rod?  Those things are nice; however, I’d like to share a little story about how small packages often bring the biggest blessings. Pre covid, I lost the last of […]

Worried about Inflation? – by Sweet Eyes

Worried about Inflation? Here are a few easy ways to minimize the impact of soaring prices. Buy Generic – Yes, we all have our favorite products, but quite often the store brand, or generic, items come from the same manufacturer. No, I don’t like rough toilet paper, but last year I believe anyone would have […]