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EXCITED! Baseball season is upon us, and I could not be more excited! I just love everything about the game of baseball…the cracking of the bats, the smell of popcorn and hotdogs coming from the concession stands, and the roaring of the crowd as the batter is knocking a homerun out of the park! Strangely enough, the game is very strategic…from the batter line up to the stealing of bases…and it reminds me of the steps that we all take in purchasing a new home.

Deciding to sell or buy is equivalent to “stepping up to the plate.”  You are nervous and yet full of energy because it is finally your turn! You have so many questions as to what you can realistically afford vs. what you want out of a new home. To conquer this step and move forward to each base in the game of real estate…You are going to need a head coach and some great teammates! Choosing a knowledgeable and professional realtor is the exact same thing as a head coach. Your realtor will be able to listen to your concerns, desires, and any issues that you are currently facing and guide or advise you on each step of the process to secure your outcome and “knock it out of the park”! A good realtor will introduce you to or refer you to your cheering squad, or your “teammate” if you will…this will be your lender!  

Now that your coach is in place and your team is built…everyone is cheering you on and rooting for your success…instruction has been given and with this new knowledge you now have decided on the type, size, school district and location of your new home…congratulations…you and your realtor make an offer on a new home…you have made it to first base!  Communication and signals are particularly important parts of coaching baseball. Whether it is the rubbing of a ball cap or constant communication over an email or phone calls…your lender will instruct you as to what they need to advance you as quickly as possible to a successful closing…if you act on their advice…you now have advanced to second base!

As your coaches and teammates are instructing/coaching you and doing their job to bring home the win for the team…the same is true in real estate. To get you to home plate…there are inspections to be passed, appraisals to be done, underwriting and last-minute negotiations. This is where the action is…it is the heart of the “game” and when it all comes together it’s like rounding “third base” and headed straight for home plate!

And finally…your lender …or “teammate” calls you with those five words you have been wanting to hear the whole time… “We are Clear to Close”! You have made it to home plate…YOU FINALLY SCORE!

Happy baseball season everyone!  If you are looking for a realtor who wants to be your coach and make sure you WIN…call me at 225-933-6869, let’s chat!

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