Super Bowl Rib-Off with Bully

What was once known as ‘The Super Bowl Rib-Off’ was held every Super Bowl Sunday. In reality a group of my nephews conjured up the idea to combine a party with a contest to settle bragging rights of who can cook the best ribs.  The event turned out to be so much fun it became […]

Thoughts from Bully … Runnin’ with Uncle Joe!

While Pondering the Future I Think about the Past. Runnin’ with Uncle Joe!    I run into people all the time that say, “Are you Bully?”   I get the question constantly, “Why the name Bully?” Bully was my fathers nickname back in the 50’s.   I write stories each month that are 95% true and are always […]

A Christmas Morning Only A Step Brother Can Remember

  Christmas is here again. The season that sends many adults into depression but all the kids seem to need valium waiting for that magical morning. Iremember the Christmas days when Mighty Mouse was the number one cartoon.   We were six kids and I don’t know how Mom and Dad did it but each kid […]

Thought’s from Bully … The Gator That Had Life After Death

Many months ago I was sitting around depressed from watching LSU baseball lose 2 straight for the second year in a row at The College World Series. OK, I admit it. I am spoiled. Lets think about the other 56 teams that didn’t even make it there and all the other schools that didn’t even […]